• Paquera Mezcal 200ml Barril
  • Paquera Mezcal 200ml Barril

Paquera Mezcal Barril 200ml

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Maguey: 14 yr Barril (Agave karwinskii var.)
Producer: Luis Juárez
Region: San Agustín Amatengo Ejutla
Date of production: August 2022
Oven: Conical earthen oven; six days with mesquite wood and juniper wood
Maceration: Horse-drawn stone mill - Tahona (Quarry Stone)
Fermentation: Awewete Wood Barrels with natural fermentation
Wet fermentation time: seven days
Distillation: 2x in copper pot stills with refrescadera
Batch size: 505L
Batch number: PBR7004
ABV: 46.0%